Hello! If you haven't read the following blogs, please do:



If you have read both, you may proceed. Thank you.


Ello! So, on to the details!

As you read Larkflight's post, she wants blogs and badges to be disabled.

I though agree that badges will be disabled. Because the following:

  1. People get competitive.
  2. People care only about badges.
  3. All you really need to do is contribute to the wikia.

I don't care how many points you have, it doesn't really matter. Contributing is the most important. Earning badges isn't so.

Disabling blogs? Eh... nah, as long we are fine with them. As long you don't argue, this is NOT an argument. This is just responding to Larkflight's blog.

If you disagree or agree please answer below. :)

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