Hello everyone! I have wrote a story, I don't think I'll finish, you may read if you wish. Thank you


The Beginning

The year was 4210, people hastily eating their breakfast for a busy day. Everywhere they were black and white machinery. White houses, white buildings, it looked as everything was black and white, no other color. You could hear the clanking of high heels, tapping of shoes walking. You pass buy stores, monuments, and the biggest tower, the Science Tower. Passing by, everyone walked to the teleportation line, they were 30 of these, long lines were they. One of these people were named Kat. Kat, heading to college, a college which was far from here. After a long waiting it was Kat's turn. Everytime a person teleported, it was like a hologram when they landed to their destination, then they became solid as themselves. Kat stepped into the machine, faster that ever, the machine starting spinning around her. A very bright light came to view, it wared down, she had landed. She stepped forward. People, not paying attention, headed toward class. Kat headed toward Ancient Runes. They were very few in this class, 8 students attended including Kat. Kat isn't friends with anyone. She has no friends. Kat entered in the classroom, she sat in the front seat. She yawned, though hadn't noticed there was a new person.

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