You dunno how to make a page for a book (etc.)? Well this will might help you! :)

Userful Pages to help you:

Template:Infobox (infobox template

Example: Author Page (An example)

Example: Book Page (An example)

Example: Cover Artist Page (An example)

Example: Publisher Page (An example)

The Example Pages is to guide you to how to make the page. Like this page, Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone compared to this page Example: Book Page. They look simalar, don't they. Yes, I want them to look simalar. As so as the other examples. It has to have english on it / in it. I don't want any spam or vandalism on this wiki, if you do it 3 times you will be banned.

Still Confused?

More help or still confused? Leave a comment below or ask on talk page! (I'm the founder of this wiki.)

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