Nobody is making new pages anymore. over the past 2 weeks no new pages have been made.

if the wikia is going to grow we need to add pages. also no new members will join if we have no pages.

also pages have to be completed otherwise they're useless. Thanks.

Edit by Speedysnitch----

Hello! Yes, please do not do this to any other blog post...I don't want to make another blog post anyway. Please, please, please, don't do this to someone else's blog, I know I'm doing this, but this is something I need to say,

As you can see, there isn't enough pages, right? But if you are going to make a page, please complete it! Yes, I've done the Harry Potter ones...(I'm guessing Lupin fan1 is doing them). Please, please check your errors too, making a page is also doing it too. You can't count on other people to do it for you. So once you make them, DO THEM! THats what making pages are for. I see some that make it and don't do it, thats called lazy!

Anyway, can you guys help to get more users in? I know, I can do it but some wikias won't let you advertise. Please don't make them. And remember still, some wikias ban advertising, its true, some have a policly. And also... you ask, why can't you do this? You are the founder of this wiki, you are suppose to do it. Well, I have some reasons why...

  1. I have became a chat mod on HP Wiki, I go on chat to check their behaviour.
  2. I've been busy lately.
  3. I'm going on wikia too much, I'm trying to cut off wikia time a bit.
  4. My mum hates me on the computer, so I have to get off.
  5. I don't have my own computer

Thats pretty much it, anyway, questions, please ask me @ My Talk page.

Thank you, I'm sorry if this was too long. xP

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