Chapter 1

There was a young couple that was always in love with each other they were always together. They even have a class together. The couple would always go to a really gorgeous field of roses. The young beautiful maden was 16 and had short hair. A little under her shoulders. Black hair with bright blue highlights. She was really nice and had something unique in her life. She was blessed with talent.

The young man was a young 17 year old boy. He had short straight black hair. He was tall and always stood up for him self. He was in training. He loved the unique style of life, until ofcourse a summer of there freshmen year.

They were walking out into the field of grass and some flowers there was a lake close by. They were talking about the party that was coming and they were both invited.

"I don't want to go, I don't see why i have to go to a lame ass party." Maria said. She really wanted to go but had her reasons why.

"Come on it will be fun, your old friends, don't you want to hang out with them again?" Shawn said. He didnt want to go to the party. He just wanted to meet some friends of Maria. He wanted to know her past 'cause she wouldn't tell him anything. He respected that though.

"They are my friends? Since when I haven't talked to her since I was a kid. Like 13 or 14 years old." Maria didnt care if they were old friends she just wanted to forget them. She was doing great about it but nothing about them changed when they came back. They were snotty, stuck up, rich kids.

"Yes, they at least were,give 'em another chance, come on for me." Shawn wanted Maria to be happy again. SInce they came she has keeped quiet, and wont say a word about her past.

"Fiiine I'll go to her stuupid party, but I wont stay long only 'til they give out the cake" Maria still didn't want to go.They were laying on the ground and no one was talking.

"Oh crap. I almost forgot!"Shawn got up with and walked away."Stay right here." Before he came back there was fighting. Where Maria was at, Shawn came back running. He was alone all alone as if no one else was there.

Chapter 2

~two months later~

Shawn was still his average self. He didn't talk much anymore. He seemed less himself every passing day. He was in school as usual starting his freshmen year in highschool. He was with his "possie" gang friends. He was upset for what had happened blames it on himself.

"Dude, get over it. It's been two months." His friend Derek didn't care 'bout her as much as Shawn did.

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