Just know that this is a story, not real life, please enjoy:

To whom it may concern:


I wasn’t always the girl with cancer, at least not until I was 14. Before that I was the outgoing girl that did everything. Well, let me explain:

My name is Maddie Henderson but everyone calls me MadMaddie. That nickname was given to me when I was 7 years old. I was the only girl in my school to pick up a dead rat on the ground like nothing, and since half of the boys didn’t even dare to look at the thing, I was crowned as different. Yes, I did get bullied, bullying was inevitable, but as I was friends with half of the future football team it quickly faded.

When I said I did everything I literally mean EVERYTHING. I was in the schools tennis team, soccor bat mittin, Wrestlets, band, writers guild, and even cheer. Being busy is what mad me happy. And I planned on making it busier. I planned on joining robotics, and NHS for highschool even StuGo.


Sorry its in the middle of class and i gotta go

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