• Larkflight


    October 12, 2011 by Larkflight

    Hey, hey, hey. Okay, I know I've mentioned this in Shurtagal's blog, but I really think that blogs should be disabled (if Speedy knows how to). Why? Because they are a distraction to mainspace edits; we are already far behind on the main wiki. We don't need our users commenting on blog posts, we need them to help contribute to Spee's amazing wiki. Blogs can be very disruptive, although they can be a good thing as well (news, questions, etc).

    Now for the badges: They are absolutely horrible. Badges encourage bad edits just to get a reward. I know we haven't had any incidents with this as of now, but still, they are very bad. Do we really want our wiki to be full of terrible edits just to get a high ranking?

    And while we're kinda on the topic,…

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