The Singing
The singing


The Singing


Alison Croggon

Cover Artist

Philip Schramm and Niroot Puttapipat


  • Walker books
  • Penguin Books


30th June 2008 (Australia)



Preceded By

The Crow

The Singing is the fourth book of Pellinor Series by Alison Croggon. It was published in 30th June, 2008 (AU) by Walker and Penguin Books.


Maerad races to solve the riddle of the treesong and to defeat the nameless one, but Maerad only has half of the riddle while her brother Hem has the other half. Eventually in one epic battle Maerad defeats her ancient enemy, the Landrost.

Meanwhile, her brother, Hem, and his mentor, Saliman battle through illness and disease to find her. Eventually Hem and Maerad meet up and journey to the site of Ancient Afinil. When they get there, they recite the treesong and that manages to kill the nameless one and return the country of Annar to peace.

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