The Gift


The Gift

Written By

Alison Croggon

Cover Artist

  • Philip Schramm
  • Niroot Puttapipat


Walker Books





Followed By

The Riddle

The Gift is written by Alison Croggon.


Maerad has been a slave all of her life until one day a mysterious man named Cadvan helps her escape and takes her to a bardic school to be taught in the ways of the light. Cadvan suspects she might be the Fire Lily (the one who will bring down the nameless one). So he takes her to his old teacher, Nelac, who is an expert on the legend of the Fire Lily. It is confirmed that she is the Fire Lily when she is given her true name at her initiation.

She then flees Nelac's house when it is attacked and heads to Thorold.

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