(Name of the book)


(Name of the title)

Written by

(The Author)

Cover Artist

(Cover Artist)


(the people who published the book)


(released date)


(how many pages)

Preceded by

(if there was a book before)

Followed by

(the next book,if there is)

(Name of the book) the first book of the blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. It was written by (author). It was published in (when published).


Here is all about the plot. A summary about the book. If you have trouble, think of the most important things, the main things that happened.

Want to Find Out More? Go Here!


  1. blah blah
  2. ...
  3. and so on.

Flim Adaptation Edit

(if there is one) (If there is a film, tell what flim maker did it (ex. Warner Bros.) The main character played by who, (if there's more main character, place them too)

Also SeeEdit

(Like the next book if there is)

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