• Sarrahh55

    Random Writing

    October 26, 2015 by Sarrahh55

    Just know that this is a story, not real life, please enjoy:

    To whom it may concern:


    I wasn’t always the girl with cancer, at least not until I was 14. Before that I was the outgoing girl that did everything. Well, let me explain:

    My name is Maddie Henderson but everyone calls me MadMaddie. That nickname was given to me when I was 7 years old. I was the only girl in my school to pick up a dead rat on the ground like nothing, and since half of the boys didn’t even dare to look at the thing, I was crowned as different. Yes, I did get bullied, bullying was inevitable, but as I was friends with half of the future football team it quickly faded.

    When I said I did everything I literally mean EVERYTHING. I was in the schools tennis team, soccor bat m…

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  • Sarrahh55

    short stories.

    January 9, 2013 by Sarrahh55

    Friend and Her Foe

              She sits there in the empty room, her body shivers with the memories of the past. She cries; wanting to decide whether her time is done. Her memories taught her, calling her names of something she is not. She is better off not living she thinks, but she has to think of her child living in her, the future he or she will have. She tells me her story with sadness and despair. She moves to her home town away from her bullies, her children, her friends. She still takes care of those small kids she told me about. She will be better sooner or later; I just wish I was there for her.    She conquers her foe with I mighty blow. She is strong enough to not care; with her baby in her she is different. She has turned into a gre…

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  • Sarrahh55

    Book III

    January 8, 2013 by Sarrahh55

    Maka’s Turn

    This is the story of Maka. She was very different she never “fit in” more than the normal magical kids at her school. Kids found weird because all of them are magic as well; well most of them. A magic school was required in life learning magic was less than a blessing to wizards and witches parents even to the normal children, except the console they thought of it as a blessing. Even others who do not know magic are called weak. She was powerful though, very powerful. That is why she is different; she turned 11 the month before her celebration on joining the school.

    She was too young when she had joined. Most magic kids are founded when they are 15-17 years old others are founded at 25 the most. She was okay with that but had no …

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  • Sarrahh55

    book II

    January 14, 2012 by Sarrahh55

    There was a young couple that was always in love with each other they were always together. They even have a class together. The couple would always go to a really gorgeous field of roses. The young beautiful maden was 16 and had short hair. A little under her shoulders. Black hair with bright blue highlights. She was really nice and had something unique in her life. She was blessed with talent.

    The young man was a young 17 year old boy. He had short straight black hair. He was tall and always stood up for him self. He was in training. He loved the unique style of life, until ofcourse a summer of there freshmen year.

    They were walking out into the field of grass and some flowers there was a lake close by. They were talking about the party th…

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  • Sarrahh55

    book 1

    January 12, 2012 by Sarrahh55

    tell me what yu think:

    Chapter 1

    "Are we there yet?" Young Selena was eager to get to there new house. They were moving to a new house in a new state. Selena is a seven year old girl. she has black hair and blue eyes. She loves going new places and exploring new things.She is very pepy and will always bring you up when your down.

    "If we were there, I would push yu out of the car to see if you will cry!" Eli was a 14 year old emo kid he hated going places and espesually going with the family. He also has black hair, but he has green eyes. He is tall and very hansome.

    When they got there it was very dark. Selena jumped out of the car excited. mom and dad are putting everything inside. the house is very dirty.

    wanna read more say so!

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  • Dynovan

    Where is everyone?

    December 4, 2011 by Dynovan

    What's happened here? Where's everyone gone? I know the wiki was falling into disrepair, but why did you all leave? I'm all alone, with 76 articles to sort out! People, come back! :(

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  • Dynovan

    Roleplay Wiki

    November 23, 2011 by Dynovan

    Hi all! Following the arguments and debates about roleplaying on this wiki, I've created a place where we can all roleplay - Dyno's Roleplay Wiki. So if you want to roleplay, there's a place to go. You can be anything, be anywhere, and do anything, so go on, have a look!

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  • Dynovan

    My Speech

    November 15, 2011 by Dynovan

    Okay so, I thought I'd make a bit of a speech. Let's go... *Clears throat*

    Speedy, Larkie and Lupin Fan1 have all been saying that this wiki has been going downhill, and I agree with them. So this is what I've been doing. *Opens notepad*

    1. I have been creating new pages and will be working on editing older ones.

    2. I have seperated the roleplay from the articles. I love to roleplay, but I will keep it away from articles.

    So that's it, really. Roleplay in the blogs, but try to edit more. Read a few books, and put the info on here. I will try to keep to what I have said, and will try to make this wiki the best of the best. *bows* Speech done!

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  • Lupin fan1

    Hello people!!! I am leaving the wiki. Its not you guys, its me, but it is mostly my boredome here. At first this wiki was AWESOME!!! Now... people are too much not editing (does that even make sense???) Well now, I am BORED OUT OF MY MIND HERE!!! (fyi: I like this wiki and i do edit on it. its just, no one but a few people are editing) So yea... I don't know what else to say but two things:

    ONE: I am leaving, yep you heard me, going, gone, BUT!!! I SAID BUT SO KEEP ON READING! But... read number two...

    TWO: But, i am staying untill this wiki goes dead inactive. I wont be editing much now, but I will see me here. :)

    AND THREE: wait... I wrote two... err- WAIT ONE MINUTE!!!

    ...I don't know what else to say but two THREE things:

    and THREE: I... Lik…

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  • Dynovan


    November 11, 2011 by Dynovan

    I've moved the roleplay here, and am working on unlocking comments on my other blog. Let's roleplay!

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  • Speedysnitch

    This Wiki

    November 11, 2011 by Speedysnitch

    hey guys, I've seen Larkflight's message. To tell you the truth, I actually agree with her, this wiki is getting worse. No kidding, if this wiki doesn't improve, I probably no long edit.Cause this is getting usless... I know, its my wiki! But this isn't improving... No one is editing, they are just roleplaying. You guys can leave critism or positive comments. You may roleplay, anyways...

     Speedysnitch   Talk 

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  • Dynovan


    October 25, 2011 by Dynovan

    Right. A few words. *coughs*:

    1. Who will run the wiki while you're gone, Speedy?

    2. Who will maintain order while you're gone, Speedy?

    3. Who will be making eveyone upset while you 'take a break', Speedy?

    Hopefully you will consider these questions and see sense. I need reasons (See the title?). And don't just repeat what's on your blog post.

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  • Speedysnitch


    October 21, 2011 by Speedysnitch

    Ello users! Here's an annoucement.

    I am...


    yay! actually, no its not fun. I am going to get a break on wikia, I've been getting to to trouble, and I've thought, wikia isn't important in life. My mum isn't happy about me on wikia. I've changed since, I don't feel like the normal me. Hopefully this will improve when I'm gone, I'm going to make a difference to make my mum happier about me.

    See you in a while,

     Speedysnitch   Talk  20:25, October 21, 2011 (UTC)

    P.S. I'll update this when I get back. I'll only make one edit on here once in a while.

    • EDIT*

    This is something I would also like to share. It is not about me active or inactive... Its I've joined wikipedia. I'm not telling my username. Sorry. Though, I am active at wikipedia. :)


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  • Speedysnitch


    October 12, 2011 by Speedysnitch

    Hello! If you haven't read the following blogs, please do:

    Read FIRST!

    Read SECOND!

    If you have read both, you may proceed. Thank you.


    Ello! So, on to the details!

    As you read Larkflight's post, she wants blogs and badges to be disabled.

    I though agree that badges will be disabled. Because the following:

    1. People get competitive.
    2. People care only about badges.
    3. All you really need to do is contribute to the wikia.

    I don't care how many points you have, it doesn't really matter. Contributing is the most important. Earning badges isn't so.

    Disabling blogs? Eh... nah, as long we are fine with them. As long you don't argue, this is NOT an argument. This is just responding to Larkflight's blog.

    If you disagree or agree please answer below. :)

     Speedysnitch …

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  • Larkflight


    October 12, 2011 by Larkflight

    Hey, hey, hey. Okay, I know I've mentioned this in Shurtagal's blog, but I really think that blogs should be disabled (if Speedy knows how to). Why? Because they are a distraction to mainspace edits; we are already far behind on the main wiki. We don't need our users commenting on blog posts, we need them to help contribute to Spee's amazing wiki. Blogs can be very disruptive, although they can be a good thing as well (news, questions, etc).

    Now for the badges: They are absolutely horrible. Badges encourage bad edits just to get a reward. I know we haven't had any incidents with this as of now, but still, they are very bad. Do we really want our wiki to be full of terrible edits just to get a high ranking?

    And while we're kinda on the topic,…

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  • Shurtagal

    wikia activity

    October 11, 2011 by Shurtagal

    Nobody is making new pages anymore. over the past 2 weeks no new pages have been made.

    if the wikia is going to grow we need to add pages. also no new members will join if we have no pages.

    also pages have to be completed otherwise they're useless. Thanks.

    Hello! Yes, please do not do this to any other blog post...I don't want to make another blog post anyway. Please, please, please, don't do this to someone else's blog, I know I'm doing this, but this is something I need to say,

    As you can see, there isn't enough pages, right? But if you are going to make a page, please complete it! Yes, I've done the Harry Potter ones...(I'm guessing Lupin fan1 is doing them). Please, please check your errors too, making a page is also doing it too. You can't …

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  • Speedysnitch

    Chat Mods

    September 24, 2011 by Speedysnitch

    Hey People! I would like to say, Congratulations to Larkflight, Shurtagal and Lupin fan1 for becoming the first 3 Books Wiki chat mods! If you disagree with this, please tell below! Or if you want someone else to trade places with someone, please tell below! Thank you!

     Speedysnitch   Talk 

    • EDIT*

    The first user to get to 400 or 500 edts first get to be an admin

     Speedysnitch   Talk 

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  • Speedysnitch


    September 19, 2011 by Speedysnitch

    Emoticons, do you like them? Some people hate them, and some people like them, I will like to take a poll so we can vote to have emotes on this wikia or not, please vote the following:

    If you don't know what are emotes, look here.


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  • Speedysnitch

    New Pages

    September 11, 2011 by Speedysnitch


    I wanted to say, before making new pages, please work on the unfinished ones. See, the more new pages, the less finished ones. I want to have more pages, and I also want them finished. I'm helping, though some of the books I haven't read. So its your job to actually write them, if you know what its about. Enjoy Editing!! :)

    Speedysnitch(Owl Me!)

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  • Speedysnitch

    Unfinished Book ~

    September 4, 2011 by Speedysnitch

    Hello everyone! I have wrote a story, I don't think I'll finish, you may read if you wish. Thank you

    The year was 4210, people hastily eating their breakfast for a busy day. Everywhere they were black and white machinery. White houses, white buildings, it looked as everything was black and white, no other color. You could hear the clanking of high heels, tapping of shoes walking. You pass buy stores, monuments, and the biggest tower, the Science Tower. Passing by, everyone walked to the teleportation line, they were 30 of these, long lines were they. One of these people were named Kat. Kat, heading to college, a college which was far from here. After a long waiting it was Kat's turn. Everytime a person teleported, it was like a hologram whe…

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  • Lupin fan1

    Blog about me.

    September 3, 2011 by Lupin fan1

    Hiya people of earth (or aliens!). I am Lupin fan1! Well if you think that thats my name, then you are wrong! I am Alina. I can tell you right now, I am super weird and creepy! But don't be scared of me, i am really nice (JUST KIDDING!!! i am nice, well kind of. I AM NICE TO MY FRIEND).

    I am 5 feet tall (about). I have dark brown eyes and light brown skin. Normaly, I wear a black shirt with a wolf howling on it and some dark blue jeans.

    My best friend in wikia and in real life is Erika (SnapeFan1 )

    I am a black belt in karate and I also take Fencing! (fencing is a sport with a long pointy stick called a Saber). I also write wolf books and I am planning to make a blog about them If i do then here is the link.

    I am very VERY voilent and werid. I…

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  • Speedysnitch

    I have found new things for the wiki. I want to improve the main page. Here are some things....

    Here is a new thing. or you like the one on the main page better...

    Like? Tell me in the comments! If you have opinions, ideas, etc. Tell!


    Speedysnitch(Owl Me!) 15:11, September 3, 2011 (UTC)


    Books Wiki Founder

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  • Speedysnitch

    You dunno how to make a page for a book (etc.)? Well this will might help you! :)

    Userful Pages to help you:

    Example: Author Page (An example)

    Example: Cover Artist Page (An example)

    More help or still confused? Leave a comment below or ask on talk page! (I'm the founder of this wiki.)

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